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Foret de Soignes Natura 2000

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BE96 0689 3956 8905

Comité de Quartier de l'Espinette Centrale

Espinette centrale, AVANT travaux, maison forestiere et prairie
AVANT travaux parking, Espinette centrale, maison forestiere et prairie
Espinette centrale, plan porte d'accueil
Deforestation Aout 2020
Aout 2020, Deforestation Dreve St Michel
Lisiere detruite, parking vu de ch Waterloo
Debut travaux aout 2020
Travaux sur parking, automne 2020
Decembre 2020 Bettonage dans la foret
Decembre 2020 Betonnage parking
Decembre 2020, Betonnage, ch de Waterloo
Janvier 2021, Vue aerienne parking
Mars 2021, betonnage Dreve St. Michel
Mars 2021 - abri velo
Mars 2021 ancienne prairie detruite
Mars 2Mars 2021, ancienne prairie et habitat de flore et faune

What We Do

Comunity Developement

Our Comité de Quartier de l'Espinette Centrale was created in 2008 to foster citizens engagement in our community in Rhode Saint Genese, Belgium.

We have helped to create a constructive dialogue with public authorities and raised considerable interest among local residents in the search for sustainable solutions in our community (i.e. construction, road safety).

Over the years our goal was keeping the neighborhood green and family friendly, support a diversity of mainly local shops, reducing permitted speed limit in our residential area from 50 km/h to 30 km/h.

We are very proud of these achievements and invite you to participate in keeping our environment joyful and liveable! 

Ways to Help

Volunteer Your Time

Help us by contributing some of your free time

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